Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Micky's Very Special Christmas Party

We started the day with another trip to Downtown Disney, this time in the daylight to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Of course, our Christmas present to ourselves and the kids has been this trip but Christmas morning would be a bit odd without a few presents so the challenge is to find some lightweight reminders of our holiday to put into our tiny Christmas stockings.

In anticipation of an expensive dinner at the Magic Kingdom, we bought lunch at Walmart. Taine had a 'lunch pack', a ham & cheese sandwich, pack of crackers, apple, cheese stick and fruit box, all for $2.50! We had our regular chicken fried chicken and we made a picnic of it on the grass in the Walmart car park. Classy!

We had tickets to Mickey's Very Special Christmas Party, a night time ticketed event at the Magic Kingdom and our first look at the Disney Parks. We decided to drive our rental to give ourselves a bit more freedom over coming and going. Rookie fail. The hotel bus pulls up at the doorstep whereas the carpark costs $14 and is 2 1/2 miles from  the entrance!. You park the car, then you take a tram to the wharf and then you take the ferry or the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. The evening didn't start well. We were supposed to be given special wristbands on entry but we weren't. It was dark in the park and we didn't have a map. I think we passed the blessed spinning cups 4 or 5 times before we stopped walking in circles. Just as we reached the furthest point from the entrance we were stopped for a wristband check. Of course we didn't have one so we were told we'd have to go all the way back to get them. Not happy Jan!

The bonus of after hours entrance ( and persistent rain) was shorter queues so we were able to go on quite a few of the rides that were open. My favourite was 'It's a small world'. Iconic Disney. Because we did 'Beauty & the Beast' as our school production this year, it was great fun exploring Belle's village and Gaston's tavern. We'll go back to them on Thursday when we do the park in the daylight.

The night ended in spectacular fashion with the fire works and Mickey's Christmas parade. We even saw fake snow falling on main street and to top it all off a young man next to us got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in front of the castle. Magic indeed :-)

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