Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Around the world in a day

After a sleep in to recover from Mickey's party last night we went to Epcot today. Learning from yesterday's mistake with the car we caught the resort bus, a very efficient and effective way to get to all the Worlds.

I think Epcot was designed to allow Americans the opportunity to visit the rest of the world without leaving home. The World Showcase is sort of a Royal Show + Expo kind of thing with displays from different countries that include info movies or rides, shops and restaurants. Interestingly, according to Epcot, the world ends at Japan because there was nothing of the Pacific on display. It was all vaguely interesting but the only part that I really enjoyed was Liberty Square with the fifes playing and the crowd pledging allegiance to the flag. I guess that's because I'm so focused on American history while I'm in America. The other countries were a bit of a distraction.

We enjoyed Spaceship Earth, the first attraction in the park. It gives you the chance to travel right up into the Epcot sphere with a great history lesson on communication. I also enjoyed the Gospel choir singing carols in the square and the 'Turtle Talk' comedy routine in the aquarium area. We also got to see manatees for the first time.

The Imagination Pavilion was lame and the 1980s 3D movie of Michael Jackson was just plain bizarre.
The park covers 300 acres and we walked everyone of them so it was great to get back to the resort and jump in the spa tonight. Epcot was interesting great experience but I wouldn't do it again.

One of the really odd things here is the number of people using electric scooters or 'gophers' as we call them at home. There they are used by the elderly and disabled. Here they seem to be used by anyone who is grossly overweight (fries with EVERY meal) or who just can't be bothered walking. I have no issue with the people who need them to enjoy the parks but for some they seem to be a way of barging through the crowds and beating the queues.

The highlight of the day was that Sophie arrived in Orlando after finishing Uni so our tour group becomes four for the next couple of weeks.

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