Monday, December 10, 2012


We went to Ripley's this morning. Believe it or not it cost $56 for us to look at some unusual and weird old artifacts. It was vaguely interesting but played havoc with my vertigo. However, Taine thought it was great and it filled in the morning before we could check into the Port Orleans Disney Resort.

I wasn't sure what to expect of the resort. It was a toss up whether to go for the Disney experience or to save money by staying on International Drive. There are three levels of Disney resort (value, moderate and deluxe) and I got a great deal on this 'moderate' level one back in July. In fact our two day Disney pass cost more than the four nights in the hotel.

From the time you drive through the 'Welcome to Disneyworld' arch over the highway, you are in another world. Even the road signs are in Disney colors. And the police cars have Mickey ears on them! It feels as if you've walked into a story book.

All the staff are dressed in theme and the lady who checked us in was awesome. When we mentioned that Sophie was coming on Wednesday she organised to have her picked up from the airport and for all of us to be checked in to our flight to DC on Friday. We had a choice of rooms and chose the mansion rather than the bayou because it looked like we might get lost down there. The hotel is huge and it's just one of many within the resort. We deposited our bags in our room, oohed and ahhed over the disney shaped shampoo et al and by then it was time to add a few more carbs. We haven't signed up for the Disney dining plan because we believe it may lead to (further) over eating. Taine's endlessly refillable sipper cup is bad enough!

Then it was time to check out the pools. We have been blessed with an above average temperature in Florida and today was especially warm. Then we jumped on the Port Orleans riverboat and went down to check out Downtown Disney. Talk about Disney overload! I'll be lucky to escape this little interlude without another case. We had delicious fried chicken for dinner with plantain, a totally new and very delicious taste sensation for me, sort of a cross between yam and banana.

It started raining on the way home and I got drenched but it didn't matter. It's warm and I'm in the happiest kingdom of them all :-)

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