Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shop till you drop

I'm pretty sure we're going to 'shop' our way around the US. The exchange rate has made shopping an affordable pleasure for us and the novelty of different brands and drastically reduced prices on our 'own' brands is irresistible.

Today it was back to Whole Foods to prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Thanksgiving Eve is like the Thursday before Easter in Australia. Everyone thinks they need to shop for a possible holocaust. Whole Foods was packed but that didn't detract from the pleasure of the 1000 varieties of everything in every aisle. We bought a ready cooked smoked turkey ( I admired Sophie's optimism in thinking she could whip one up for 14 people but I'm old enough to know better), pumpkin pie (yes, it's a desert), asparagus, green beans, brussell sprouts (Geoff did remind me that we don't like them but they looked so festive), stuffing, a fruit platter and a couple of one litre bottles of wine (yes, even wine bottles are bigger in Texas!). We also bought some hamburgers & buffalo sausages for dinner tonight. Funnily enough, although eating out is ridiculously cheap here, the meat was very expensive.

                                                         Chocolates at Whole Foods.

Then we took a trip to Barton Springs Mall. It's just a wee shopping centre about the size of Chadstone. I spent a lot of money on clothes for Taine that probably won't fit him when we get to our Winter but at least he'll be warm when we hit colder weather further north.

Back in town we visited the Longhorn Co Op. The Longhorns are the University of Texas football team and their merchandise shop fills three floors! You can buy every conceivable thing in orange. I'll be set for the game tomorrow night and Harmony Day forever!

Our last stop for the day was to add a few more calories in the form of frozen yoghurt covered in an assortment of confectionary. We have something similar in Australia where you get to choose from a dozen or so toppings. This place had hundreds.

Including chocolate covered potato chips.........

Now, that's just ridiculous (but strangely delicious!)

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