Sunday, November 18, 2012

Groundhog Day

Time zones confuse the hell out of me. We left Sydney at 4.30 pm on Sunday, November 18th, traveled for 15 hours and landed in Dallas at 4.15 Sunday, November 18th!

I'm not sure where we were for those 15 hours but it sure felt like the Twilight zone and the missing time stamps would certainly support that. To be honest, the flight wasn't as bad as I expected. The food was edible, we had plenty of leg room behind the galley and the baby travelling across the aisle only cried a couple of times through the endless night.

When we arrived in Dallas the biggest difference we noticed was the lengthy queues at immigration where everyone  has their fingerprints scanned and photos taken. The upside was that by the time we got through the lines our bags were ready so we grabbed them and jumped on a shuttle to take us to the rental car site about 10 minutes away. Ambitiously , we anticipated getting to our hotel in time for a leisurely stroll around the city.

Unfortunately, the rental we'd arranged for Dallas Fort Worth airport was actually waiting at Dallas Love Field airport. By law apparently you cannot hire a taxi at the rental car compound so it was back in the shuttle to the first airport so we could get a taxi ($53 & 45 mins away) to the second. The driver was very helpful, although having grown up in pre metric times, I'm pretty sure 80 mph is more than a bit over anyone's speed limit.

Eventually the Dollar rental office was found and Geoff bravely took the driver's seat to negotiate our way into the city on the 'other' side of the road. It's pretty scary having the cars coming the opposite way to your automatic reaction but the combination of light Sunday night traffic and our sat nav bought from home got us to he Crowne Plaza in time for a wander downtown. It was eerily quiet for a big city , very reminiscent of Canberra after dark. We ate at a burger joint, absolutely delicious chicken fried chicken burgers with chilli cheese fries and a green bean salad on the side. Yummo!

Now we're holed up in our hotel room drinking Budweiser and watching a replay of the Cowboys game on TV.

Day 1 survived!

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